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Jun 13
“Indeed, when the period in which a man of talent is condemned to live is dull and stupid, the artist is haunted, unknowingly perhaps, by a yearning for a different era. Unable to attune himself—except at rare intervals—to the environment in which he moves; no longer finding, in the study of this environment and of the creatures who endure it, that the pleasures of observation and analysis are adequate distractions, he becomes conscious that certain phenomena are developing and maturing in him.Confused cravings for change arise, and with reflection and study these grow clearer. Inherited instincts, feelings, and propensities are aroused, become increasingly specific, and assert themselves with peremptory boldness. He recalls memories of beings and things which he personally has never known, and the time comes when he breaks violently out of the prison of his century and wanders in complete freedom in a different period with which—as an ultimate self-deception—he imagines he would have been more in harmony.” Joris-Karl Huysmans, À Rebours

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